Key Holding Services London

Key Holding

At Metro Guard, our security solutions extend beyond one to one protection. We can also offer the ultimate in residential and commercial security with our key holding service. Whether you are planning a long trip away from home or want to give your employees extra peace of mind at work, this can be the ideal solution.

As part of our key holding service, you entrust a key for your building to our experienced security team. In doing so, our highly trained professionals can access the property in the case of an emergency, or when access is requested, and handle the situation for you.

This is an ideal solution if you want to ensure your home is secure during time away, or if you want to reduce the risk to yourself or staff by getting our security team to handle any lockups or alarm call outs.

Why Metro Guard?

At Metro Guard, we work around the clock to offer bespoke security solutions for our clients. So, whether it’s a security breach during the night or an early opening up of the office, our key holding service is a great solution.

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