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No matter what industry you work in, hiring an experienced door supervisor could be the smartest decision you could ever make! By trusting one of the qualified experts in door supervision from Metro Guard, you’re able to offer staff and clientele an extra level of security that they’ve never experienced before. This can be a great way of increasing comfort, as it is your responsibility to do so, whilst also deterring potential risks that could occur at any time.

At Metro Guard, all of our door supervisors are trained in line with The Licencing Act 2003, ensuring that our door supervision company performs every action to the letter, with the safety of ourselves and others a top priority at all times. We make sure that each and every member of our team is adequately screened and vetted before they come to you, so you know you’re in safe hands!

In accordance with BS7960 and BS7499, all of our door supervisors work to meet four specific objectives. These are:

• The prevention of crime and disorder
• Public safety
• The prevention of public nuisance
• The protection of children from harm

Hiring a door supervisor for your business or facility can instil confidence in the public that you take great care and attention over your method of security, as well as your clients and customers. It can even help to reduce the number of local crimes, as the visual deterrent can be very effective.

A door supervisor from Metro Guard always works closely with the local authorities and police of the area we are sent out to, so we can have a firm idea of how the area operates and if there is anything, in particular, we should be on guard for. With this in mind, you can be confident that all operations are in capable hands at all times.

Why Metro Guard?

At Metro Guard, the professionalism of our door supervision services ensures that the safety of your commercial premises is of paramount importance. To that end, we work hard to meet all of your requirements whilst maintaining a safe and secure environment for your visitors, as well as the surrounding public.

Door Supervisor FAQs

Much like any form of security guard, a door supervisor is on hand to protect an area or building from any form of disturbance. However, differently to a security guard that may be placed inside the premises, a door supervisor ensures that there is no kind of unauthorised access. This is why you may see a door supervisor around a high profile event, or ticketed occasions that can’t be accessed otherwise. Many door supervisor companies, including Metro Guard, offer door supervisors that provide event organisers and owners of a building the peace of mind they deserve when they have many other concerns on the day of an anticipated occasion. A security door supervisor from Metro Guard is easy to speak to if you need to come to them with any concerns you may have, and have the confidence and assertiveness to make sure that operations run smoothly at all times.
At Metro Guard, we only employ the highest standard of door supervisor. This is to continue to honour our commitment to our clients that we will offer the best possible service. This is why we make sure that each security door supervisor fulfils set requirements before we take them on. To work as a door supervisor, you will have to be Level 2 Award credited so you can work for us straight away. If you do not have this award and are an aspiring door supervisor then this is no problem! Still get in touch with us today and we can explain how you can move through the ranks before eventually being able to serve us here at Metro Guard. If you’d like to find out more about the perfect door supervisor course for you, speak to a member of our team now.
As you may expect, a door supervisor isn’t allowed to search any person like a police officer is. But, if the event organisers are operating searches as a ‘condition of entry’ then a door supervisor is well within their rights to ask permission to search them before they enter the premises. If a customer fails to cooperate with this request then they may be refused entry, even if they have a ticket. This can give event organisers, the people inside the venue and any performers the peace of mind that no one inside has any prohibited items with them that could put themselves or others in danger, including drugs and weapons.
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