About us


Metro Guard is a long established company in the high-end security guarding sector with over 20 years of experience. The board of Directors and operational management team have an excellent understanding of the security industry and customer service protocol. As a complete team, we continue to ensure the company adheres to all industry and legal standards and current best practice as regulated by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) and British Standards.


We pride ourselves on establishing long standing stakeholder relationships in order to sustain quality client support and excellent customer service. Our aim is to grow as a Company, managed by professionally trained personnel delivering bespoke services across the UK to varying clients. We will offer innovative and bespoke services for a changing industry and expand our portfolio with selective partnering.


Our Values are core to the ongoing successes of the business. We aim to be diverse, fair, transparent and honest with everyone we work with. We aim to promote equality in all of our policies and procedures and have a zero tolerance to any form of discrimination.

We advocate a healthy and accessible working environment to promote a unique working environment and constantly seek views from our staff to provide a better performance as a company.

We take our corporate responsibility seriously and have policies in place for which further information can be requested.

Our People

We are committed to encourage equal opportunity for all Metro Guard staff members and any potential applicants. Metro Guard enjoys an enviable reputation within the security industry with the core of our new officers recruited through recommendation by existing staff.

We enjoy a successful staff retention rate which is indicative of the investment we make through our staff training programs, the support our managers provide and the opportunities to progress within the positions at the company. We aim to recognise staff ability, their talents and intend to offer those individuals a clear career path. All of our management team have progressed through the company structure, giving them a thorough understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the staff they manage which helps us ensure we deliver the highest services we can.

All of our Staff are fully vetted to the highest Standards which ensures we have the highest calibre of staff to welcome under the Metro Guard umbrella.

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